I was recently having a discussion with a number of coaches who were offended when I suggested that SMART Goals can actually PREVENT people from achieving as much as they could.  Apparently I touched a nerve, and as a coach that is typically a good thing.

It means I found something that is meaningful.

Smart Goals don’t lead to TOP PERFORMERS.

Most organizations, managers, and coaches promote the use of SMART goals as a way to help ensure objectives are met and success achieved.

I am going to suggest that SMART Goals implemented in their typical fashion are actually be preventing you from your BEST.

I trust you know that SMART represents:


I agree completely that goals should be as Specific as possible, and it is important you can Measure your progress and success.  The issue is with Achievable and Realistic.

What does Achievable and Realistic mean?

It would seem that for some reason, most people have moved to a place of setting Achievable and Realistic at some lowest common denominator. Some level that the average, well intentioned, somewhat intelligent, and slightly motivated individual could achieve.

Where does this leave those of you who want to be TOP PERFORMERS?

TOP Performers often talk about Stretch Goals, Setting the Bar Higher, and Exceeding Expectations.   Even here, most tend to limit themselves since Exceeding Expectations is often based on the NORM, not what is truly possible.


“Think little goals and expect little achievements.  

Think big goals and win big success.”

Dr. David Joseph Schwartz

For those of you who are destined to be Top Performers, you need a new Framework.

Stay Tuned for the release of a new Framework for Goal Setting…. SMASH Goals