Regardless of what profession, role, or job, you have customers.

Whether your customer is internal, a retail customer, or a client in your professional practice, starting with the appropriate attitude and approach is key to your success and Excellence.

Customer Service, Customer Satisfaction, and more importantly Customer Loyalty applies to everybody.

The problem is that it would seem that an ever decreasing percentage of people really understand “Serving” the customer.

I was recently in Charlotte attending training. A group of eight of us decided to head out for dinner to Carolina Prime, a local steak house.

We arrived at the restaurant after the dinner rush about 7:30. We were greeted at the door by the hostess who took us to two tables, a table for six and a table for two. This was not an ideal situation for a group of eight who had just met and were working on establishing relationships with the people we would be in training with all weekend.

We asked the hostess if there was any chance of getting a larger table. We were told this was all that was available, and that the other side of the restaurant was now closed.

We took our seats, six of us at one table and two at the other.

When our waitress arrived I somewhat jokingly asked “If you could find a way to get us all together at a larger table on the other side of the restaurant, I am betting we would take very good care of you at the end of the evening!”

Without missing a beat and before putting menus on the table she responded with:

“I am sure there is a way I can make that happen, just give me a minute.”

In less than a minute she was back with the hostess who escorted us to the closed side of the restaurant and a large round eight person table.

In the end we had a wonderful evening and were able to get ourselves acquainted as a team

What I find interesting is that even had she not been able to get us moved to the other side of the restaurant, I have no doubt that our waitress would have done anything she could to make our evening enjoyable.

How rare is that kind of effort in dealing with customers?

Let me say this again: Whether your customer is internal within your organization, a retail customer, or a client in your professional practice, starting with the appropriate attitude and approach is key.

In this situation the hostess didn’t have a bad attitude but she was not focused on helping her customers, or as Jeffrey Gitomer would say, she did not have a Yes!Attitude.

The waitress on the other hand wanted to do anything she could to help provide us with the best experience possible.

Are you working towards providing the best experience possible for those you deal with?

Are you willing to go the extra mile to provide outstanding value and service?

Here is an Excellence Exercise for you:
1) Identify your three most important customers (internal or external)
2) List what products or services you provide that are most important to them.
3) Identify the key value your product or service provides to them
4) Find at least one thing you can do for each of them to INCREASE the value you provide

The more you can increase the value to your customers the more success you will enjoy and the closer to Excellence you will be.

Take this challenge every week for four weeks and at the end of the month you will find you customers are not only happier with what you do for them, but they will be looking at you as a high value provider… exactly the position you need to be in for success.