Welcome to Speaking Is Selling – 51 Tips Your Mother Taught You, Bonus Video #1

This series of videos will provide additional insight into the ideas and techniques discussed the book Speaking is Selling: 51 Tips Your Mother Taught You.

Video Transcript:

I am so excited to announce that Speaking of Selling 51 Tips Your Mother Taught You is now available.

My name is Mark Vickers and I’m the author of Speaking and Selling. I am also a speaker and a certified professional coach and over the years of coaching speakers, regardless of their industry, one thing became clear. There are consistent and standard issues and challenges that everybody faces when making presentations. The objective of Speaking of Selling is to help you develop and present more powerfully.

Over the next 52 weeks we’re going to release one short video every week, some bonus tips and clarification on material that is in the book.

In this video, I want to start with the preface and the introduction.

First of all, I want to make it clear. It doesn’t matter what your job position is these tips will help, whether you are a salesperson, a professional speaker, an educator, corporate executive or if you are on the staff of an organization, these tips will help.

Let’s be clear, this book is not the final step in your development process. This book is just is just the next step. It’s going to give you a framework to start developing and presenting. In some situations you may need additional support and over the course of these videos, I will point you in the direction of additional materials, many of which are from coaches of mine, people that I have used and rely on to help me presents more effectively.

Now, for those of you that already have the book and if you don’t, head over to Amazon and get it.

Let’s turn forward to the section that starts off with you are a speaker and a salesperson. When I am presenting, this always freaks people out. People go, “No, no no. You don’t understand, I am not a professional speaker. I don’t like public speaking.” That’s just silly. You’ve been thinking since you were very young and most of that speaking you do out in public. Therefore, you are a public speaker. When you are at work you are speaking to your coworkers. When you are a sales person, you were speaking to your customers. When you are an educator, you are speaking to your students. You are speaking. I think we can dispense of that. You are already a speaker.  You may not like speaking but you do it.

You are also a salesperson. People go, “No, no, no, no I’m not a sales person. I don’t sell anything.” Look, you sell something every time you are speaking. If you are sales person it is pretty clear you’re selling a product, a service and you’re selling something to your customer. If you are an educator, you’re selling the idea of learning. You’re selling study skills. You are selling concepts. If you are corporate executives, you are selling ideas to your staff all of the time. You’re trying to get them to buy into your vision, your plan and your goals. We are all speakers and we’re all sales people. The question is when are you going to decide it is time for you to be a powerful speaker and sales person?

Here’s the interesting thing, by the time you were 16, you knew everything you needed to know about both speaking and selling. Your mother, father, your aunts and uncles, you’re grandparents and the grown up around you were always providing your little tips. They always seem to be in a relation to a specific thing that you were doing at that point in time. Some little detail in your life. What is cool is those little tips that you learned when you were young can all be turned and applied to your speaking and presenting. As you work through this book, that’s what you’re going to discover.

Speaking is selling and everything you needed to know your mother tried to teach you. Now it’s time to rethink those early lessons from a new perspective. As you work through this book, take a critical at how you speak and how you present. I’m looking forward to working with you to help you become more powerful. Have fun.