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You Bonus Video for Tip# 2 – Be True To Yourself

This series of videos will provide additional insight into the ideas and techniques discussed the book Speaking is Selling: 51 Tips Your Mother Taught You.

As a teen, peer pressure was taking control of you and your life. Your mother had to tell you, “Be true to yourself.”

Well our parents wanted us to be our own person, the message was pretty clear.

Some of us heard it, some of us didn’t. Some of us waffled back and forth. That’s okay.

As a speaker, as a salesperson, as anyone who’s presenting, it’s critical that you be true to yourself.

I have seen far too many speakers who try to emulate another speaker’s style and personality from the stage.

Some people feel that, “If I see someone who’s doing a wonderful job, if I present just like them, it will work.”

When you try that, odds are you’re going to fail miserably because you’re not that person. You don’t have their personality. You don’t have their style at presenting.

You need to find your own voice.

That’s the key to tip number 2, be true to yourself.

Authenticity and being a real person is what your audience, what your customer is looking for. The minute you start to try to emulate someone else, you lose that. I recently went through some coaching with a client. The client told me, “I don’t like speaking. I don’t feel comfortable speaking. I don’t enjoy it. I never feel like I do a good job.”

After a couple of hours of discussion with the client, what became very clear is that the reason he was not comfortable speaking was he was trying very hard to be just like someone else who he admired, who he trusted, and who he thought was a powerful speaker.

He thought that because that person was good and strong and powerful in presenting, that if he did just what that other person did, then he too would be powerful. But when he would take a stage, it didn’t work. It felt awkward. It felt uncomfortable and he never connected with the audience.

After discussions, we found a way, found a topic that that gentleman could present in his own personality.

I will tell you, when he went up on stage, he did an amazing job of his presentation.

In fact, probably one of the most memorable presentation of a two and a half day conference. It all comes down to being yourself, being true to yourself, and being authentic.

I’ll see you next week for the next tip.