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Bonus Video for Tip# 6 – Have Fun

This series of videos will provide additional insight into the ideas and techniques discussed the book Speaking is Selling: 51 Tips Your Mother Taught You.

Video Transcript:

Tip# 6 Have Fun

Now at the end of tip five I actually gave you a clue as to what tip six is, HAVE FUN.

Let’s see what mother had to say.

Every time you left the house, whether you were going to school, heading out with friends, or going to work, the last thing you heard was “Have fun.”

What a simple motivational message.

Think about it.

Have fun.

If every person in the world woke up every morning and said, “I am going to go out and have fun today doing whatever I’m doing,” how different would this world be?

Even if you’re having a bad day you can still find a way to have at least a little bit of fun.

When you’re having fun, and you’re following your passion, and you’re doing what you love, all the things we’ve been talking about in the first few tips of this book, your success is going to skyrocket.

You can’t help but be successful when you’re having fun and following your passion.

Every day find a way to have some fun while you’re at work, because guess what, when you’re having fun at work, it’s not really like being at work. You have a great day and have some fun.