There are some Dumb$$$ Sales Mistakes that could be costing you thousands of dollars in sales.

These simple communication tips will help you be smart in your prospect and customer discussions.

Video Transcript:

Don’t be a Dumb$$$ salesperson.

Feel free to replace the ‘$$$’ with, well, I think you can figure that out.

Let me explain what I mean by this. So many salespeople do such stupid things when they’re talking to prospective customers. Let me give a breakdown of some of the biggest mistakes salespeople make.

Focus on the Sale
Number one: They focus on the sale.

You’re probably thinking, ‘Well, I’m a salesman. I’m supposed to focus on the sale.”

No. If you focus on the sale and your mindset is, “I need to make this sale,” your odds of success just went down.

When you focus on the needs of your customer, what they truly need and want, and you make that your top priority over and above actually making the sale, your odds of making the sale will go up.

I know that seems counterintuitive but here’s what happens. When the customer or client truly believes that you are there to help and service them, they’re going to respond more effectively and appropriately to your questions,your comments and to the information that you provide.

If they feel like they’re being sold, you’re going to push them away. Become a value added provider and you’re going to draw them closer to you. That’s just the way it works.

Talking too much
Here’s the second biggest mistake: The 80/20 rule.

Most salespeople talk 80 percent of the time that they’re working with a customer, and the customer only gets 20 percent.

Flip that around.

When you’re dealing with a customer or client, they should always be talking far more than you are.

Ask a good open-ended question, get them talking. The more you can get them talking about what they want, what they enjoy, what their problems are, what their challenges are, the more you will find that they ask you questions that allow you to provide all the sales product and service information you need to provide.

The key is to get them talking and when they’re talking 80 percent of the time, you know odds are good.

Position I over You
Here’s the third key tip: The big mistake, Dumb$$$ salespeople make, it’s called the I-You Ratio.

This is something I learned from some of my coaches.

How often are you saying, “I,” “me,” or “we,” versus how often do you say, “you” and “yours?”

Pay very close attention to your speaking style when you’re dealing with customers and clients. If you’re using the words “I, me and we” to talk about what you know, what your business does, your products and services, and you’re using those words far more often than you’re using “you and your”, then you’ve got an issue. Because “you and your” is when you are connecting to what your customer or client really needs and wants.

You’re making your presentation ‘you-focused’ so you’re talking about what they need. That is going to do a more effective job of engaging your customer prospect, it’s going to pull them closer to you and they’re going to be more receptive to you because you care about them.

Don’t be a Dumb$$$ salesperson.

When you become smart and intentional about how you are communicating with your customers, they’re going to like you better and they are going to buy more. Guaranteed.

Remember, stay focused on them. Focused on their needs, not on the sales. Get them talking more and make sure that when you’re talking, you’re using “you and your” as opposed to “I, me and we”. Good luck.

I’ll see you next week.