BlogoLogoMost people rank the fear of public speaking higher than their fear of death.
Many will say that the thought of being a salesperson is worse than getting the flu.

But there is a secret of success that will propel you to the next level:

You need to be a great a Speaker and a Salesperson

Every day you communicate with people outside of your home. You are speaking in public, and therefore you are a public speaker.
In your daily life and work there are times when you need someone to take a certain action. In order for them to do something, you need to SELL them on the idea.

Thus, by definition, you are a salesperson, convincing others in order to achieve a certain result.

You started selling the minute you learned to talk

You had a modest beginning to your sales career. You would ask for something (selling the idea that you needed it).
You had mixed success. Did your mother ever say “You are not having another cookie!”?

You were not successful in selling the idea even though you thought “I will die if I don’t have one more!” was a compelling argument. You continued to practice selling your ideas, desires, and plans.
Think of all the ideas you “sold” before you were 16 years old:
• The case for that new pair of designer jeans or shoes
• The case for spending the weekend with friends
• The reason you NEED a car
• Washing the car should be worth at LEAST $10
• Convincing your friends that your movie choice was best

These were your first attempts at selling through your speaking skills.

Every week, business people tell me “I don’t like selling”. At the same time they attempt to argue that they are not “speakers”.

The belief that you are not a speaker and a salesperson will prevent you from achieving higher levels of success. Not convinced?

Here are the four reasons why everyone (including you) needs to be a strong speaker and salesperson.

Reason #1 – You are surrounded by people

You need to deal with other people; you need to sell yourself, your ideas, and your value to them.

Reason #2 – You need to teach people

There are times when you need to teach something. Through your speaking you are showing them how, and “selling” them on why it should be done a certain way.

Reason #3 – You need their help personally

You need them to do something for you; you need to sell them on doing what you need, and some benefit to them.

Reason #4 – You need them to take action

You need them to do something for themselves or for their work. In order to motivate them you need to sell them on the benefits of improving their situation and on the process you recommend.

The Bonus Reason – You need them to buy

You need them to buy something. Clearly you need to be a salesperson, but the top salespeople are always effective speakers.

You are already a Speaker and a Salesperson
When will you become great at both?

The Process

When you upgrade your speaking, you will upgrade your results.
As a starting point:

• Build you awareness by tracking the number of ideas you sell daily
• Track your successes and failures
• Track the struggles and frustrations you experience getting people to take action
• Study effective communications to improve your results

As you increase your awareness of your “sales” and how your spoken word impacts your success rate you will begin identifying specific opportunities for improvement.


Originally Published in Advantage Business Magazine
4 Reasons Everyone is a Speaker and a Salesperson
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