When you struggle to get people to take action, it may come down to opening their Why.

People want, and need to understand WHY they want something, or WHY they should do something before they will take action.

Video Transcript:
When you open up their “Why”, they open up to your “How”.

Let me break that down.

Any time you’re presenting information to another person – and again, this could be a sales presentation all the way up to a keynote address: When you help open up their why – why is this information, why is this material, why is this product or service important to them?

What benefit are they going to achieve by knowing this or purchasing this or whatever you want them to do?

When you open up their why and they are really connected with why they want to do something, they become incredibly open to your how. How can you help them achieve that objective?

Let’s think of it from a sales presentation perspective. You help them really open up their why they need to buy a certain type of product. You get them connected to the emotional benefits of what they’re wanting to do.

Once they are fully immersed in the emotion of I really want this new car, this new house, this new suit, whatever you’re selling them – when they’re at that point, now they are far more open. The barriers are down for you to be able to show them the how. You share your product or service or information.

Spend your time opening up their why, everything else will fall into place much easier.