Feel vs Think. Which one is more powerful and effective when you are trying to sell something or convince another person to take action?

Too often, you try to get the other person to “Think” about the benefits. What if they start to “Feel” the benefits?

Video Transcript:
It’s time for some more power words.

If you’ve hung out on my site for a while, you know that there are specific words that can really help have a huge impact on your presentation.

Today we’re going to talk about two words that many people use interchangeably. This is critical during a sales presentation or a sales discussion with a customer.

The words today are, “Think” and “Feel”.

If I were to say to you, “What do you think about this particular vehicle?” Maybe I’m selling you a car. “What do you think about this particular vehicle?” Well, that puts you into the thinking part of your brain, and you start thinking about the vehicle.

However, what if were to say, “How do you feel about driving this vehicle?” As soon as I use the word feel, it moves people into that feeling part of their brain. Now they are connecting to the emotion of whatever we’re speaking of.

We’re talking about them driving this particular vehicle.

“How is that going to feel?”

“Oh, that’s going to feel good. I like the way that’s going to feel.”

Which is very different than, “Well, I think it’s a really nice car. I think it’s got good gas mileage. I think it’s got good safety features.”

Think and feel are two very different things.

You’ve probably heard that people buy based on emotion. They justify it based on logic. When you’re in the sales process, the more you can connect to how people feel about whatever your selling, instead of what they think about it, the more success you’ll have.

In some cases, you may say,

“How do you feel about driving this particular vehicle?”

They may respond with a thinking answer. “I think it’s going to be really good.”

“Yeah, but how’s it going to feel when you’re behind the wheel and your friends see you driving this?”

If they respond with a think, re-phrase your question to get them back over to that feeling side. Because the more they’re feeling, the better the chances are they’re going to open up and do whatever it is you’re recommending. Take the action, place the order, buy the product. That’s where you’re success will start to improve.

Again, connect to their feeling first. Give them enough think, enough logic, to support and justify their decision.

The real power is in the feeling.

Good luck.