Imagine is an important Communication Skills Power Word because it connects to both the intellect and the emotions of the people you are speaking with.

When you get your audience to imagine a future situation, they rapidly open up to HOW to make something happen.

Video Transcript:

Words are incredibly powerful.

Do you know the words that are going to have the highest impact, and do you use them in a way that will trigger the emotional reaction you’re looking for to help whoever you’re speaking with to take the action you want them to take?

Consider this one word, “imagine.”

Imagine; such a simple word that carries so much power.

You see, the word “imagine” connects people’s imagination and their feelings.

They’re not thinking about something. They’re imagining what it will be like. Think about the following statements. Imagine when you have achieved this objective. How does that feel? Imagine when you achieved this objective. What it will be like? That immediately connects to the other person’s feeling part. That’s the part of their psyche that helps them make decisions quickly.

Now, they’ll justify it later based on logic, but imagine ties to their feeling. Imagine what it will be like when you can help people take action faster based on your recommendations.

Imagine what it will be like when you’re more effective. Once you have someone imagining something, they now start to open up to how to make that happen. A few weeks ago, I did a blog called “Open up their why, they’ll open up your how.”

Using the word “imagine” is a critical part of opening up their why. See how you can use imagine in your situation. Check out the online course, “Mastering Practical Communication Skills,” which has the full library of all the skills and techniques you need to become more effective in your business environment.

I’ll see you next week.