I can’t say it enough: Record, Review, Revise. These are the most important steps you must take to dramatically improve your speaking sills.

By remembering these three words, and by implementing this process again and again, you will soon discover the rewards of a profitable and powerful presentation.

Video Transcript:

Record, review, revise. Record, review, revise. If you can remember those three words in that sequence you will automatically be able to dramatically improve your speaking skills regardless of where you’re speaking whether it’s on the sales floor, the boardroom or the main stage of a larger event. Record what you’re doing, review it and revise it.

Now let’s get into a little bit of detail. In the online course, Mastering Practical Communications, I’m going to give you a step-by-step guide on each of these steps but for blog purposes, here’s the high level. You want to record yourself doing your presentation. Ideally, you want to do video so that you can listen to it and watch it. Those will be two very different experiences.

Having recorded and listened to your presentation I always suggest having that presentation transcribed so you can read what you said. By reviewing the transcription you’ll be able to start identifying lines that really don’t have a whole lot of value, things that can be stripped out, wording choices that can be changed to give more power to your presentation.

Then based on what you find in the review process, you revise and re-practice your presentation. Having practiced it enough to be comfortable with it, now you record it again and continue the cycle. The more chances you have to record, review and revise each presentation, the more effective it’s going to be.

Now here’s the good news. After going through this process multiple times you’ll find that it becomes faster and faster because that’s you strengthening that speaking skill muscle, getting stronger at creating solid content first time through. Record, review, revise. It’s going to help you become much more effective as a speaker and as a salesperson.

Good luck with record, review and revise.