Most people seriously underestimate the importance of non-verbal communications. Anytime you are preparing for a discussion or presentation, consider the following carefully.

Video Transcript:
Somewhere along the line you may have heard some interesting statistics around how much of communication really involves the words that you are using. Well, those statistics come from studies done by Dr. Albert Mehrabian years ago, and what Dr. Mehrabian found is 7% of all communication happens based on the words that are being said, 7%.

38% of communication is based on vocal variety. How does your voice change the dynamics of your voice? Speed, tone, volume, rate, pitch, all these different factors and then 55% is non-verbal communication.

When you think about siting in a meeting, 7% of how you are perceived by others comes from your words. 38% how you present those words and a whooping 55% how you actually conduct yourself and your body in that setting.

As you are preparing for any presentation, make sure it’s not just the words that you are considering. Consider exactly how you are going to present them, how you are going to be sitting or standing during the meeting and how you are going to appear to the other people as you are trying to engage them.

All of these are critical elements of being a truly proficient and successful communicator. Again 7% words, 38% vocal delivery and 55% is your body language.

Just keep it in mind every time you communicate.