Can you… or Will you? When you are communicating with others, the difference between Can and Will is HUGE!!

Video Transcript:

Time for some more power words. In this video we’re going to talk about will versus can.

I’d like you to consider the following statement; “I can improve my performance.” versus “I will improve my performance.”

Which is more powerful, can, or will? Will is much more powerful.

Think about it from this perspective. I can improve my performance. I may not, but I can. I know how to do it, versus I will improve my performance. It’s much more declarative, as in, yes, I will do it.

Now, to make it even stronger, what if we put a time boundary on it? I will improve my performance by the end of the year. I will achieve my goals by January 1st. Now you’ve declared you will do it, and you put a time frame on it. That has just become a goal. Can is weak.

Can is: I have the ability to.

Will is: yes, I will.

I will do it.

Will you do what it takes to refine your speaking, so you can be more effective and powerful?

I know you will, because you’re watching this.