Video Transcript:

Vocal variety is the spice of life. Sameness on the other hand, when people follow the same rate of speed and the same tone, it will put you to sleep in a heartbeat.

You’ve all heard people that have that monotone rate of speech, and it’s boring. It’s not engaging.

Here’s my challenge for you. Record yourself just in normal speaking settings. Listen to your recording, and see how much of this you have versus how much variability. Does your speed change? Does your volume change? Do you get really quiet? Do you have highs and lows? How do all those things come together?

Practice all these different things, speed, volume, and tone; because the benefits to you when you get good at using your voice in a very dynamic way, first of all, it engages your listeners much more effectively, and it gives you another tool to emphasize critical points.

Slow down, something is more important. Speed up when you’re really excited. Create emphasis using your voice. By your own personal nature, by your history and your background, you may have a very steady rate of speech and a very steady tone of voice. I challenge you to break out of that.

Build some excitement into your voice. Show the world you’re enthused about what you’re doing. When you’re dealing with people who are like that, they’re going to respond so much more effectively, and they will if you stay like this.