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3 Communication Mistakes That Will Cost You Sales and Profits

Verbal communication skills are a critical success factor in any sales situation. Three common communication mistakes could cost you sales and profit. The Old 80/20 Rule When it comes to sales communications, the 80/20 Rule can be stated simply as: “Talk less and listen more”. Most salespeople fall into the trap of talking too much [...]

When the Medium is the Message

Most of the time, the skills it takes to do the job are very different from the skills it takes to get the job. That’s why the job search is harrowing for so many professionals. “I’m an accountant, for goodness sake – and now I’m expected to sell myself.” For many candidates, the process feels [...]

Lessons in Customer Service Skills – Admit you don’t know

When trying to improve customer service skills, sometimes it is helpful to look at a bad situation to realize how ineffective it was. This recent customer service experience highlights what happens when your focus is NOT on the customer or person you are speaking to. When you are communicating with others, are you more concerned [...]

Speaking in Customer Service

Speaking in Customer Service provides endless opportunities for observing the good and the bad, and occasionally you will encounter someone who is incredibly effective. Listen to this story of one restaurant experience with a server who was able to quickly read a situation and deliver outstanding customer service. Video Transcript: Every once-in-a-while, you have one [...]

Business Networking Tips – Video Blog

Power Networking is Critical to Success As you work towards improving your sales, developing your business, and expanding your world, networking is a critical elements.  There are a number of business networking tips that will help.  Speaker, Coach, and Author Mark A. Vickers shares some important insights to help you decide how to network.

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A Lesson in Customer Service – Steakhouse

Regardless of what profession, role, or job, you have customers. Whether your customer is internal, a retail customer, or a client in your professional practice, starting with the appropriate attitude and approach is key to your success and Excellence. Customer Service, Customer Satisfaction, and more importantly Customer Loyalty applies to everybody. The problem is that [...]

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Customer Service Lessons from TSA

What does the TSA know about Customer Service? Do they really care? Well it turns out that they know a lot, and actually appear to care. For those of you who are frequent travelers you may remember being asked to fill out a survey about 2 years ago about your travel experience as you passed [...]

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