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Delivering a Powerful Speech

Vocal Variety

Video Transcript: Vocal variety is the spice of life. Sameness on the other hand, when people follow the same rate of speed and the same tone, it will put you to sleep in a heartbeat. You’ve all heard people that have that monotone rate of speech, and it’s boring. It’s not engaging. Here’s my challenge [...]

Can vs Will

Can you… or Will you? When you are communicating with others, the difference between Can and Will is HUGE!! Video Transcript: Time for some more power words. In this video we’re going to talk about will versus can. I’d like you to consider the following statement; “I can improve my performance.” versus “I will improve [...]

Your I/You Ratio

When communicating with others, your wording choices give them an indication of how concerned you are with their needs. Monitoring your I/You ratio is a tool to help monitor your effectiveness. Video Transcript: You may have heard me discuss the value and importance of the word “you”. Anytime you’re having a conversation or presenting to [...]

See vs. Hear

There is a big difference between See vs. Hear. When you are talking to other people, do you use phrases like "I see" or "I hear". Most people will give you clues to their primary learning style by the phrases they use. Your awareness of what others say will help you communicate in the most [...]

The Secrets to Communicating with Clarity

From the sales floor to the boardroom, your ability to deliver a message with clarity will have a dramatic impact on your success. When it comes to your spoken communications, planning and preparation allows you to deliver your message more effectively, increasing the likelihood others will respond as desired. As you consider your approach to [...]


I can't say it enough: Record, Review, Revise. These are the most important steps you must take to dramatically improve your speaking sills. By remembering these three words, and by implementing this process again and again, you will soon discover the rewards of a profitable and powerful presentation. Video Transcript: Record, review, revise. Record, review, [...]

Imagine – Communication Skills Power Word

Imagine is an important Communication Skills Power Word because it connects to both the intellect and the emotions of the people you are speaking with. When you get your audience to imagine a future situation, they rapidly open up to HOW to make something happen. Video Transcript: Words are incredibly powerful. Do you know the [...]

Overcoming Speaker Anxiety

Why do people fear speaking more than they fear death? Could it simply be that Speaker Anxiety is caused by insufficient preparation? By following a defined process for preparing for any presentation, speaker anxiety can be reduced and success increased. Video Transcript: You have probably read the surveys and the reports and the stories on [...]

When the Medium is the Message

Most of the time, the skills it takes to do the job are very different from the skills it takes to get the job. That’s why the job search is harrowing for so many professionals. “I’m an accountant, for goodness sake – and now I’m expected to sell myself.” For many candidates, the process feels [...]

The Power of Feel vs Think

Feel vs Think. Which one is more powerful and effective when you are trying to sell something or convince another person to take action? Too often, you try to get the other person to "Think" about the benefits. What if they start to "Feel" the benefits? Video Transcript: It's time for some more power words. [...]