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Delivering a Powerful Speech

Your Left is Their Right – Presentation Skills

Did you know that your gestures can cause irreversible confusion with the people you are speaking to? As you develop your presentation skills, remember that your gestures must make sense to the other person. Video Transcript: Your left is their right. It's really important to remember when you are speaking with other people and especially [...]

Improve Success by Opening Their Why

When you struggle to get people to take action, it may come down to opening their Why. People want, and need to understand WHY they want something, or WHY they should do something before they will take action. Video Transcript: When you open up their "Why", they open up to your "How". Let me break [...]

3 Reasons Stories Sell

You may have heard that “Stories Sell”. Most people don’t understand why stories are an effective tool when speaking and selling, so they fail to capitalize on the power that exists on the tip of their tongue. There are three reasons stories are important when presenting and selling: Stories give facts and data context Stories [...]

Less Words, More Message – Communication Skills

As you develop your communication skills, understand that LESS is MORE. The less words you say, the more effectively you will convey your core message. All of those extra descriptors (the adverbs and adjectives), and the volumes of detail that you may be sharing right now dilute the importance of your message. Video Transcript: When [...]

Storytelling Tip – Tell the story, not the Backstory

Storytelling tip - Stories are an important part of any presentation including times when you need to "close the sale" Are you effective when you tell your story, or do you bury the important parts? Video Transcript: When I'm working with my clients and developing their personal or their corporate story, one of the phrases [...]

Powerful Opening – Communication Skills

Have you ever wondered why people don't listen to you? Could it be that you are missing key communication skills including having a powerful opening? How you start any conversation or presentation is key to getting their attention. Video Transcript: You may have heard me talk about the importance of the first two minutes of [...]

Communication is 80% Feeling – Jim Rohn

One of my favorites from Jim Rohn is effective communication is 20% what you know and 80% how you feel about what you know. When you are passionate about a subject, it comes through in your communication with others and they will be more likely to follow you. Video Transcript: The great Jim Rohn shared [...]

What Isn’t Said is important according to Peter Drucker – Communication Skills

Management consultant Peter Drucker wrote, “The most important thing in communication is to hear, what isn’t being said”. When developing your communication skills, learning to listen to what is not said is critical. Video Transcript: How do you listen for what’s not being said and why is it important? Management consultant Peter Drucker wrote, “The [...]

The Power of a Pause

If Silence is the Million Dollar Word, then the The Power of The Pause is what makes it work. Mark Twain wrote that "The right word may be effective but no word has ever been as effective as a rightly timed pause." Are you effectively using pauses when you speak with others? Video Transcript: Mark [...]

4 Secrets to Powerful Questions

Powerful questions are one of the most important tools you have when speaking to other people. The problem is, you, like most people, probably are not consistently strong at asking good questions. There are 4 tips that help you ask strong questions in any situation. Video Transcript: Questions are one of the most powerful tools you [...]