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The Power of Yes – Speaking Skills

The Power of Yes can never be overstated. When making any presentation your success depends on getting people into a Yes mood. Video Transcript: Now let’s talk about two of the most powerful words in the English language, especially when you’re presenting. Like all the other videos in this series it doesn’t matter if you’re [...]

Addressing Diversity When Speaking – Speaking Skills

Diversity in your audience provides one of the biggest challenges, and is a speaking skill that provides one of the biggest potential rewards when addressed properly. Regardless of the type of presentation you are making it is critical that you be aware of the diversity that exists in your audience. By ensuring your presentation appeals [...]

Cut the Fluff when Story Telling

Stories are a critical part of all presentations. Through the effective use of stories you will be able to illustrate key points to your audience and they will be able to connect to you and the people in your stories.  In order to be effective it is critical that you Cut the Fluff when story [...]

Speaking Tip – Small Words Have Power

When speaking and making presentations always remember the important speaking tip - Small Words Have Power. There are a few small words that can have significant positive or negative impacts. Unfortunately our common daily speaking patterns make these words part of almost every presentation you make. IF Start with the smallest word that can hurt [...]

4 Sentences to Create Powerful Presentations

No there are not four specific sentences that you can add to create Powerful Presentations. However, there are four sentences that will help you develop more Powerful Presentations. One of my favorite "Habits" from Covey is "Begin with the End in Mind". Your presentation is no different. It is important that you start planning your [...]

Content Based Powerful Moments

In a previous blog I wrote about the use of Schedule Based Powerful Moments.  Now let's look Content-Based Powerful Moments. There are times in your seminar where it will be easy to link or reference your resources in. When you identify Content Based Powerful Moments you have a few options, and how you handle them [...]

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Schedule Based Powerful Moments

I have had a lot of questions lately about what Powerful Moments are, and how best to use them.  Here is an introduction to Schedule Based Powerful Moments from the Explode Your BOR Program. Schedule-based powerful moments are those occurrences throughout the day that are driven 100% based on the schedule of the class. Openings, [...]

The Quiet Crowd

What do you do when your Seminar Audience is too Quite for your comfort?  As Seminar Speakers there are few things more disconcerting than an audience that does not engage.  So what happens next??? We all have them, that group of people that sit there watching, but not wanting to participate, at times not even [...]

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Why Record Yourself Speaking?

Speech improvement is not just for newbies. As professional, keynote and seminar speakers, it's important that we continue to practice and work on improving our presentations.