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Interviewing, Critical Communication Skills for Salespeople and Job Seekers

Whether you are in a one-on-one sales discussion or interviewing for a new job, your success will heavily depend on your communication skills during the interviewing process. In a very short period of time you will be required to: Build rapport Gather information Share information Close the deal It is a standard sales call repeated [...]

3 Communication Mistakes That Will Cost You Sales and Profits

Verbal communication skills are a critical success factor in any sales situation. Three common communication mistakes could cost you sales and profit. The Old 80/20 Rule When it comes to sales communications, the 80/20 Rule can be stated simply as: “Talk less and listen more”. Most salespeople fall into the trap of talking too much [...]

The Secrets to Communicating with Clarity

From the sales floor to the boardroom, your ability to deliver a message with clarity will have a dramatic impact on your success. When it comes to your spoken communications, planning and preparation allows you to deliver your message more effectively, increasing the likelihood others will respond as desired. As you consider your approach to [...]

When the Medium is the Message

Most of the time, the skills it takes to do the job are very different from the skills it takes to get the job. That’s why the job search is harrowing for so many professionals. “I’m an accountant, for goodness sake – and now I’m expected to sell myself.” For many candidates, the process feels [...]

3 Reasons Stories Sell

You may have heard that “Stories Sell”. Most people don’t understand why stories are an effective tool when speaking and selling, so they fail to capitalize on the power that exists on the tip of their tongue. There are three reasons stories are important when presenting and selling: Stories give facts and data context Stories [...]

4 Reasons Everyone is a Speaker and a Salesperson

Most people rank the fear of public speaking higher than their fear of death. Many will say that the thought of being a salesperson is worse than getting the flu. But there is a secret of success that will propel you to the next level: You need to be a great a Speaker and a [...]

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Hard vs. Soft You’s, the Key to Connecting With Others

Your success is often impacted by how you use the word “YOU” when speaking to others. When you are making a sales presentation, communicating an idea, presenting from the stage, or talking to your kids, “You” will be perceived by the other person as either Hard or Soft. The Hard “You” A Hard "You", occurs [...]

Powerful Questions, Your Key To Success

When you present any type of information, your ability to ask powerful questions will determine the speed and degree of your success. This is not another teaching on the importance of Open vs. Closed questions. This is about selecting wording that will transform your questions from being weak, to being powerful and action provoking. Simple [...]

The 4 Keys to Speaking Success In Any Environment

Whether you are presenting in a meeting or conference, or speaking to a customer or staff, your ability to speak effectively and strategically will determine your success. Have you ever listened to a salesperson and wondered: “When are they going to stop talking?”  Have you sat through a presentation and wondered what it was about [...]