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Interviewing, Critical Communication Skills for Salespeople and Job Seekers

Whether you are in a one-on-one sales discussion or interviewing for a new job, your success will heavily depend on your communication skills during the interviewing process. In a very short period of time you will be required to: Build rapport Gather information Share information Close the deal It is a standard sales call repeated [...]

Vocal Variety

Video Transcript: Vocal variety is the spice of life. Sameness on the other hand, when people follow the same rate of speed and the same tone, it will put you to sleep in a heartbeat. You’ve all heard people that have that monotone rate of speech, and it’s boring. It’s not engaging. Here’s my challenge [...]

Can vs Will

Can you… or Will you? When you are communicating with others, the difference between Can and Will is HUGE!! Video Transcript: Time for some more power words. In this video we’re going to talk about will versus can. I’d like you to consider the following statement; “I can improve my performance.” versus “I will improve [...]

Your I/You Ratio

When communicating with others, your wording choices give them an indication of how concerned you are with their needs. Monitoring your I/You ratio is a tool to help monitor your effectiveness. Video Transcript: You may have heard me discuss the value and importance of the word “you”. Anytime you’re having a conversation or presenting to [...]

3 Communication Mistakes That Will Cost You Sales and Profits

Verbal communication skills are a critical success factor in any sales situation. Three common communication mistakes could cost you sales and profit. The Old 80/20 Rule When it comes to sales communications, the 80/20 Rule can be stated simply as: “Talk less and listen more”. Most salespeople fall into the trap of talking too much [...]

The Importance of Non-verbal Communication

Most people seriously underestimate the importance of non-verbal communications. Anytime you are preparing for a discussion or presentation, consider the following carefully. Video Transcript: Somewhere along the line you may have heard some interesting statistics around how much of communication really involves the words that you are using. Well, those statistics come from studies done [...]

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See vs. Hear

There is a big difference between See vs. Hear. When you are talking to other people, do you use phrases like "I see" or "I hear". Most people will give you clues to their primary learning style by the phrases they use. Your awareness of what others say will help you communicate in the most [...]

When the Medium is the Message

Most of the time, the skills it takes to do the job are very different from the skills it takes to get the job. That’s why the job search is harrowing for so many professionals. “I’m an accountant, for goodness sake – and now I’m expected to sell myself.” For many candidates, the process feels [...]

The Power of Feel vs Think

Feel vs Think. Which one is more powerful and effective when you are trying to sell something or convince another person to take action? Too often, you try to get the other person to "Think" about the benefits. What if they start to "Feel" the benefits? Video Transcript: It's time for some more power words. [...]

Improve Success by Opening Their Why

When you struggle to get people to take action, it may come down to opening their Why. People want, and need to understand WHY they want something, or WHY they should do something before they will take action. Video Transcript: When you open up their "Why", they open up to your "How". Let me break [...]