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The Power of the First Two Minutes – 5 Critical Elements

The first two minutes of any discussion or presentation are the most important. There are 5 Elements that will help you connect quickly. It takes other people less than 30 seconds to decide if they like you. Then, based on that, it will take up to two minutes for them to decide if they’re really [...]

The 4 Keys to Becoming a Strategic Speaker

When you speak to people do you have a plan for what you want to say and what you want to achieve, OR do you "Wing-It" and hope everything works out? Being a strategic speaker helps you achieve your goals faster through strategic communication with anyone you talk to. The G.O.A.L. method of becoming a [...]

Hard vs. Soft You’s, the Key to Connecting With Others

Your success is often impacted by how you use the word “YOU” when speaking to others. When you are making a sales presentation, communicating an idea, presenting from the stage, or talking to your kids, “You” will be perceived by the other person as either Hard or Soft. The Hard “You” A Hard "You", occurs [...]

3 Ways Your Face Betrays You – Speaking Tip

Your face is a huge asset but it is also a potential liability.  This speaking tip helps you make sure what the other person hears is constant with what they see from you. In many cases your success may be undermined and betrayed by your own face. There are three primary ways your face can [...]

3 Keys to Clarity when Speaking

The 3 Keys to Clarity when Speaking provide you some easy to implement ideas to help improve the effectiveness of your message. Video Transcript: From the boardroom to the showroom floor, your ability to deliver a message with clarity is going to be key to your ultimate success. There are a lot of techniques from [...]

4 Steps to Building Rapport

Building rapport quickly is an essential skill to develop. Video Transcript: Anytime you're communicating with other people, your ability to create rapport quickly is going to be key to your success. Now building rapport is all about establishing a relationship with the person or people you're talking to. Whether you're in a one-on-one sales conversation [...]

Your Presence when Presenting – Communication Skills

As you study communication skills you realize the importance of your physical presence. Your movements tell a story.  Do they tell the right story? Video Transcript: Let's talk for a few minutes about presence, your presence when you are presenting information to other people. Whether it's across the desk from someone, in a small meeting [...]

Power Words – IF/WHEN – Presentation Skills

As you continue to develop your presentation skills it is important to identify power words that help and hurt your presentation. Video Transcript: I’d like to talk with you for a couple minutes about one of the most dangerous words you can use during your presentation. The word IF. It’s hard to believe that small [...]

Provide Value First – Sales Tip

When you learn to Provide Value First - before you try to make a sale or motivate others to take action, you will have learned one of the most important sales tip, and you will increase your odds of success. Video Transcription Value added, free bonus, when you buy this you also get this, you’ll [...]

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Get Over It – Attitude Tips

Attitude will determine your success. When bad things happen... Get Over It!! Video Transcript: Get over it!! What a way to start a video. Get over it! Let me try another one: "Stop crying or I’ll give you something to cry about". It’s actually one of the sections out of my book, Speaking is Selling [...]