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Hard versus Soft You’s – Speaking Skills

Determine how to use Hard vs. Soft You's is one of the critical speaking skills to master. Video Transcript: Let’s talk about hard versus soft you’s. Now this is not a fitness video.  We’re not talking about that little bit of softness that may have developed in the mid-section. We’re talking about when you’re speaking, [...]

The Power of Yes – Speaking Skills

The Power of Yes can never be overstated. When making any presentation your success depends on getting people into a Yes mood. Video Transcript: Now let’s talk about two of the most powerful words in the English language, especially when you’re presenting. Like all the other videos in this series it doesn’t matter if you’re [...]

The importance of a You Focused Presentation – Presentation Skills

It is important develop your presentation skills to help you maintain a You Focused Presentation. The more you focus on your audience, the more success you will experience. Video Transcript: When was the last time you sat in a presentation, a meeting, a sales presentation, maybe a lecture, or seminar, or workshop and it seemed [...]

Business Networking Tips – Video Blog

Power Networking is Critical to Success As you work towards improving your sales, developing your business, and expanding your world, networking is a critical elements.  There are a number of business networking tips that will help.  Speaker, Coach, and Author Mark A. Vickers shares some important insights to help you decide how to network.

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Speaking Tip – Small Words Have Power

When speaking and making presentations always remember the important speaking tip - Small Words Have Power. There are a few small words that can have significant positive or negative impacts. Unfortunately our common daily speaking patterns make these words part of almost every presentation you make. IF Start with the smallest word that can hurt [...]

Sales Tips – Real versus Superficial Value

When you are deciding to purchase something, and you have 2 salespeople, what makes you decide? Assuming like product and pricing, a decision is often made based on the perceived value delivered BEFORE the sale is completed. Regardless of whether you are on the buying or selling side of any transaction it is important that [...]

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Adding WOW to Your Personal Brand

Check the quality of your Personal Brand… - When they Google you what do they find? - When they meet you what do they think? - When they listen to you what do they believe? - When you leave what do they remember? Adding WOW to your Personal Brand will help you leave a lasting [...]

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Schedule Based Powerful Moments

I have had a lot of questions lately about what Powerful Moments are, and how best to use them.  Here is an introduction to Schedule Based Powerful Moments from the Explode Your BOR Program. Schedule-based powerful moments are those occurrences throughout the day that are driven 100% based on the schedule of the class. Openings, [...]