Mark A. Vickers

Communications Consultant
& Certified Speaking Coach

Some of My Highlights

Mark A. Vickers is a Communications Consultant focused on helping you and your organization achieve Excellence through improved communication and speaking skills. As a Professional Speaker, Certified Coach, and Gitomer Certified Advisor,  Mark supports you with a unique combination of skills and experience.

Mark draws on a wealth of experience to help you with your communication and speaking challenges.

  • 22 years of corporate IT experience
  • 16 years of corporate management
  • 10 years of business ownership
  • 5700 hours in front of audiences
  • Thousands of hours coaching clients

Mark’s coaching training and experience is truly multi-cultural and multinational with clients located in:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • India
  • Brazil
  • Australia
  • England

Mark has delivered powerful keynotes and seminars around the country to extremely diverse audiences including:

  • University of Miami
  • University of North Carolina – Raleigh
  • University of North Carolina – Pembroke
  • University of North Florida
  • Savannah State University
  • Seminars and workshops in 43 states, over 230 cities, speaking to executives, management, and staff of many Fortune 500 companies

Mark is known for creating specialized and innovative programs to help his clients including:

  • Explode Your BOR for seminar speakers
  • The “Wing-It is not a Strategy” workshop series for business professionals
  • Practical Communication Skills for Executives and Professionals
  • Certified English Proficient – IT Professional for Business for English as a second language professionals

About Mark A. Vickers

<strong>Wing-It Is Not A Strategy</strong>
Wing-It Is Not A Strategy
Mark’s trademark slogan “Wing-It is Not a Strategy” emphasizes the importance of being strategic and intentional about your communications. Through Mark’s proprietary workshopskeynotesonline classes, and coaching, Mark has developed the tools required to help you and your team develop improved communication effectiveness required to generate incremental improvements in your results.
<strong>Certified English Proficient</strong>
Certified English Proficient
Mark is the founder of the Certified English Proficient Program. This certification program provides an opportunity for IT professionals an opportunity to develop their communication skills. Valuable for all IT professionals, this program is a “game changer” for those who have English as a second language.
<strong>World Class Speaking Coach</strong>
World Class Speaking Coach
With over 5,000 hours in front of audiences, Mark has now developed and gathered an amazing library of almost 300 processes and process steps for creating and presenting Powerful Presentations. As a Certified World Class Speaking Coach, Mark has all of the experience and resources available to help you become a World Class Speaker.
<strong>C3 Coaching Methodology</strong>
C3 Coaching Methodology
Mark is an innovative and creative coach, and is the creator of the C3 Coaching Methodology which provides an amazing framework for successful coaching relationships specifically focused on speakers. Mark combines his coaching and speaking experience to help you develop.
<strong>Gitomer Certified Advisor</strong>
Gitomer Certified Advisor
Mark is also one of the first Gitomer Certified Advisors, a team of professionals personally trained and certified by Jeffrey Gitomer on his programs and strategies for improving sales. Mark is certified to deliver Gitomer Classroom Workshops on sales, attitude, customer loyalty, and making strong connections.
<strong>International Coaching Federation</strong>
International Coaching Federation
Mark is a Certified Professional Coach, formally educated as a coach through an ICF (International Coaching Federation) accredited training program at the International Coach Academy.

The 12 month curriculum at the International Coach Academy provided Mark with the insights, processes, and techniques to help clients move through their challenges to achieve success.

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