Communication Consulting & Coaching

From your Customer Sales Presentation to your next Boardroom presentation or speech on the main stage at a corporate event, your success depends on your ability to deliver your message clearly and with passion.

You need to:

  • Sell something: your ideas, plans, concepts, products, services, and YOURSELF!!
  • Connect quickly and effectively with your audience or customer.
  • Engage them and get them to take the action that you recommend.
  • Improve your results through improved communication skills.

sales presentations
You will quickly improve your sales performance by sharpening your communication skills and learning techniques that connect and close.

  • Quickly building strong rapport
  • Connecting to your customer with powerful stories
  • Asking powerful questions
  • Maintaining a “You” focus through your sales presentation
  • Having a defined plan for various situations
  • Understanding the power words that can help or hurt you
  • Tapping into the buyer’s key needs and wants
  • Refining your personal introduction or 30 Second Commercial for networking events

boardroom presentations
Increase adoption and action rates through clear messages delivered to your staff, executives, or customers in a boardroom or staff meeting setting.

  • Improving audience engagement
  • Identifying critical data to share without creating overload
  • Developing a clear and concise message
  • Asking meaningful questions that engage and deliver important insights
  • Using stories to illustrate critical points and impact statements
  • Discovering effective tools to challenge your team for positive results
  • Motivating action

main stage addresses
Motivate a large group at a luncheon, conference, or event, through presentations with a crystal clear message and high powered presentation style.  

  • Creating a powerful opening
  • Identifying the key message
  • Identifying the key action item
  • Determining key points to be made
  • Refining supporting stories
  • Developing strong transitions
  • Discovering humor in your content and stories
  • Establishing audience connection through vocal variety and staging
  • Presenting with power and passion
  • Delivering a strong call to action

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Conference Agenda & Speaker Preparation

You spend a lot of time and thousands of dollars to hold your event.  Does your audience experience a powerful and cohesive event with a strong message and a clear take-away?

  • Do you spend more time and energy on facilities and event details than on what happens on the Main Stage?
  • Do you get maximum value from each presentation made from the stage?
  • Do you have a strategic approach to three important tasks: Topic Planning and Linkages, Speaker Coaching, and Speaker Reviews?
  • Do you prepare your agenda and speakers to ensure the success of your event?

topic planning and linkagesTopic planning involves a number of steps. Success requires that you plan and prepare the agenda, leading to a memorable presentation.

  • Ensuring a consistent flow and message
  • Determining specific wording for key points
  • Managing the event energy level through topic and speaker sequencing
  • Determining topic linkages for call-forward and call-back
  • Planning transitions between speakers and event sections

coachingOnce the agenda has been developed and linkages identified, Speaker Coaching will focus clear and engaging message delivery.

  • What is the key message from the talk
  • What is the key action item or take-away
  • Determine interactive and dramatic elements
  • Identify key points to be made
  • Select, script, and incorporate stories that support the key points
  • Incorporate transitions and linkages
  • Develop engaging opening and powerful close

speaker reviewsAfter all planning and coaching, it is time for your event.  During the event, real time evaluations help prepare speakers for the next event.

  • Vocal Variety
  • Staging
  • Content Delivery
  • Detailed notes related to stage presentation and audience engagement
  • Consolidation of results in our custom Speaker Review System
  • Detailed feedback and post event coaching for all speakers
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