“I started out a complete mess, my words and diction WAY off. In 7 days I was able to give a great speech. My peers and team were so excited and pumped at the delivery… I owe you!”

-Dorian S.

BobGoodyearMark has been a speaking coach to me in the past. I was struggling with trying to get enough courage to share a specific story and could not find a way to do it. Mark prodded, encouraged and led me to find the ways that I can share that story in various speeches and presentations. His coaching style is very reassuring and helped me to find the important parts of my message.

I highly recommend Mark for all communications coaching
Bob Goodyear  Symantec.com

“I can’t thank you enough Mark for using your gifts to help me refine my talk into a powerful message. I’ve received so many comments about the impact it had. Your know how when it comes to interacting and connecting with any size group is incredible.”

– K. Wooley

“I appreciate the coaching that you gave for my first time on stage. You helped me develop my story in a way that everyone could relate to. I couldn’t have done it without you.”


DebDiSandro Mark Vickers doesn’t just give you what you need, he has the ability to pull what you need out of you, and then encourages you to see your own power and possibility. When it comes to selling and preparing for your seminar, Mark’s insights and experience assist you in developing the skills you need to succeed. I highly recommend his services.Deb DiSandro  www.SlightlyOff.com

“Seminar Speakers, and Mark Vickers in particular, has made all the difference to my increasing success as an independent speaker/trainer. As a new trainer, I quickly realized that I needed some coaching, although based on my past experiences with coaching I wasn’t sure that it would be useful.Nonetheless, it was time for me to invest in my development. I purposely sought out someone who could help fill in the gaps in the strategy that I was clearly lacking. I knew that it was my lack of strategy, and knowledge of HOW to actually develop a strategy, that would carry through the day.Within one session with Mark, I had immediate results the following Monday. These results have consistently continued and when group coaching with Mark was introduced, more leaps forward have followed. Anyone new to this business, or even established in this business, will clearly benefit from both the one-on-one approach as well as the group coaching.This style of coaching offered by Seminar Speakers and the unique and successful coaches give coaching a whole new dimension where results truly are immediate. I highly recommend both Mark and all of the affiliated coaches with Seminar Speakers.”

-Annetta Dolowitz 

Deirdre Van Nest I want to give a huge thank you to Mark A. Vickers. I was working on learning how to be more vulnerable and more connected to my story. Mark graciously offered to coach me and did an amazing job helping me reconnect with parts of myself and my story. If you need help in this area I suggest you reach out to Mark.

Deirdre Van Nest

“I want to thank you for your highly effective coaching over the last month in preparation for conference. I feel more confident than ever, and your coaching has been critical in helping me grow in my speaking effectiveness.”


“I met mark in February 2014. I didn’t expect it then, but he has drastically changed the direction of our company. Prior to working with Mark, I lacked the clarity and emotion in my presentations. There was a lot of content, but there was also a lot of “fluff”. Not only does Mark teach the skills but he teaches WHY they are important… skills that last a lifetime.”

Client – Paul M.

Maureen I have coached with Mark Vickers over the course of the last few years.The last two years Mark has worked with coaching me into becoming a more effective speaker for the audiences I must reach in the course of my work.I appreciate Mark as a coach for his approach. He is clear, direct and coaches me as a unique individual. He helps me dig deep into what may be holding me back from being as successful as I would like and challenges me to reach further levels of accomplishment than I might push myself to.This has helped me to become a better version of myself as a speaker and the results I have achieved are certainly the evidence his coaching works.
Maureen Staiano www.MaureenStaiano.com