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Online courses are the most time
effective way to improve your skills.

These courses provide you the insights you need to develop your communication skills and improve your results. Whether you are a corporate executive looking to take your speaking skills to the next level, or an IT Professional considering the Certified English Proficient Course, these courses combined with Teleseminars and Webinars will help you achieve your goals.

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This extensive course will provide you the insights and techniques to refine your speaking and communication skills, empowering you to achieve greater results.

From the Sales Floor to the Boardroom

Regardless of your job title or position, your ability to communicate clearly, and motivate others to take action is a key ingredient to your long-term success.

Working through the lessons in this course you will begin to express yourself with clarity, conviction, and power. Topics covered include:

  • Introduction & Fundamentals
  • Basic Communication Skills & Rapport Building
  • Power Words
  • Asking Powerful Questions
  • Presentation Skills
  • Stories Sell
  • Meetings/Projects/Reports
  • Telephone Skills
  • eMail Communication

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As a professional, your communication skills will determine your future opportunities.

Whether you are looking for your next promotion, or a new and exciting contract opportunity, the more powerful your verbal communications, the more likely your success.

This is an extension to the Mastering Practical Communication Skills Program.

This certification has been designed for all professionals who need to be more effective communicators within their business community. While all will benefit, those who are particularly uncomfortable talking with business people, and those who have English as a second language will experience the greatest gains.

You will work through all of the topics in the Mastering Practical Communication Skills Program, and in conjunction gain access to live Discussion Forums, Webinars and Study Halls. These opportunities for live interaction, learning, and coaching will deepen your learning experience.

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business builder
As a Speaker or Coach your focus is on serving your customers.

Are you taking care of your business?

In this series, Keith New, professional speaker, and President of HQ Solutions, and Mark Vickers, professional speaker and coach discuss a variety of topics that are critical to your business success.

Three modules to help you build a speaking and coaching business including:

  • Taxes and Your Business
  • Building Skills and Credentials
  • Your Business Structure

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